My emails aren't sending. Error message says "has exceeded the max emails per hour"

In an effort to control mail abuse and spam, we have instituted per hour mail limits on our packages. The amount of messages you can send varies based on the package you are subscribed to.

Package Name Max Emails Per Hour Failure Percentage
Personal 200 50
Small Business 400 50
Corporate 600 50
Enterprise 800 50

Failure Percentage is based on emails sent, so if you sent 12 emails, and 6 of them were rejected as invalid or a failure. This specifies the maximum percentage of failed or deferred messages that a domain may send per hour. If you send over this, your messages may be delayed until the next hour.

We can make exceptions based on individual circumstances, but each are determined on a case-by-case basis. To request an increase, please contact our support department.
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