When I move my site to the your servers, how can I eliminate any down time for my site?

If your site is already hosted on another provider's servers, follow the procedure below to eliminate downtime:
  • Place an order for a hosting package using the online Order Form.
  • Our support staff will set up your account and issue you a temporary IP address. We will send you an email with the IP address and procedure to upload with FTP.
  • Upload your files according to this procedure. Check your site and ensure it is operating as it should. You will have to access your site by typing the IP address only.
  • Modify the DNS information so that your domain starts pointing towards our "Name Server". It takes about 24 to 48 hours for this information to be propagated over the Internet. During this time, when someone types your domain name in their browser, he/she will see your site either on the previous server or on our server.
  • At the end of this propagation period, your site will be available only from our server.
  • After approximately 72 hours you may notify your previous provider to delete the site from their server.
If you need assistance with this process we would be more than pleased to help you in any way that we can.
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